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We are looking to identify current best practice for a regional local authority for the following issues, does anyone have any commentary or advice regarding best practice when designing the following:

- Sawcutting for detector loops – the concern is the angle detector loops are bent in the figure 8 configuration and how any changes to sawcutting patterns will affect wearing course integrity.  Does anyone have any advice/experience on issues with surfacing integrity when sawcutting or detector loop failure because of installation/bending issues?

- Chamber sizes and lid types - They have had difficulty installing standard size chambers due to conflicts with services and have had H&S issues with contractors manually lifting heavy chamber lids. Does anyone have any advice/experience on alternative chamber designs and lighter lids which are still trafficable?

- Milling of surfacing cutting off detector loop tails. Has anyone looked at adding an extra junction box within the carriageway to protect detector loop tails?

- On-road cycle detection – has anyone specified/trialled or designed on-road cycle detection with camera detection and a back up push button only?

- What controller types have been specified around the country and how do they perform? Does anyone have any advice/information on the controller types used in their jurisdiction and their benefits/performance?

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Hi Bridget

Chambers: We've used plastic chambers in Hamilton, some of them smaller, they tend to be ok as long as you have the trafficable (strong) ones.. although there is some skepticism about them so we usually try to keep them away from anywhere that a vehicle might track over the kerb over.

Kerb tails: Our tech spec prefers ducting under the kerb.. I don't think it happens much though!

On-road detector: We have thought about this recently but given the importance of detecting a cyclist (for the B light) and shadows etc causing problems, we've opted for push button. Then they know they've put a demand in too.

Controller types: We mandate VC6 controllers (ELV preferred) so that we have the latest benefits. I understand only ATC have had a VC6 for a few years now so we've only really been using them for new sites, I think we've been happy with their performance so far.

However, our maintenance team are in a much better position to answer your questions. I've passed it on to them and I will post any response I get.

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Thanks John big_smile

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Yes, VC6 controllers. There's nothing wrong with them, it seems.