Topic: SNUG Name

Over the last few years the question has been asked whether the name SNUG is still appropriate for us.

Although our guiding principles are still relevant, some consider that our name is a bit dated, and that we should consider rebranding.

So what do you think?

Please post your ideas on this topic thread, and also give feedback on the other ideas suggested.

Sean Lewis
Green Signal Consulting
SNUG Committee Previous Chair

Re: SNUG Name

A couple of options would be TSNZ (Traffic Signals New Zealand) or  SENZ (Signals Engineering New Zealand). Both however are already "taken".... by Target Shooting NZ and Radio Sport respectively. Finding names that aren't already in use by other NZ organisations may be difficult.

Re: SNUG Name

Tim, presume you are just referring to the acronym, but there are many acronyms shared, so i don't thnk it's an issue that someone else has the same acronym. For example TSNZ is already shared by target shooting nz and train simulators nz.
Our actual name could (for example) be Traffic Signals NZ which will be unique, but the aconym shared.

The only issue i can see with having the same acronym is for the website address, but there are usually alternatives (e.g. is used by trian simulators nz, is used by target shooting nz, but it still leaves available).

Re: SNUG Name

Since you have been wondering for the last few years whether the name Snug is right for you, the name is really interesting and I think it will be right for you. Although the name is old, it is attractive to everyone and suits you.