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Exhibition & Networking - September 4
SNUG Workshop 2024 – September 5 & 6
Following on from the hugely successful SNUG held last year in New Plymouth, the SNUG Committee are pleased to announce advance notification of the 2024 SNUG Workshop. The SNUG Committee has elected to hold the event in Christchurch, over two days on the 5th and 6th of September, with an industry exhibition and technical tour in the afternoon of the 4th.
More details of the exhibition, and how to become an exhibitor, will be announced over the next few months.
SNUG is a subgroup of the Engineering NZ Transportation Group with the objective of "bringing about the advancement of the fundamental knowledge of the art, science and practice of design, operation and maintenance of traffic signals".
The field of Traffic Signals and Traffic System Control is moving forward rapidly and the SNUG Workshop is an opportunity for traffic signal engineers, local authorities, traffic systems specialists, contractors, consultants and other practitioners to discuss current developments in Traffic Signals and Traffic System Control.
On that note, if you have been involved in anything that you believe will be of interest to the signals community, please consider doing a presentation at the workshop. A call for papers will be made shortly, or you can email us directly here.
Prepare your manager by getting this years SNUG into your Performance Review or Training Plans now!
Look out for further updates on the workshop details, call for papers, programme and registration shortly. 
From the chair Jeff Greenough, and the rest of the SNUG committee, we look forward to seeing you at the workshop in Christchurch in September.

You're invited to SCATS Webinar - September 2023
If you haven't registered yet, please join us to learn about the latest advancements in SCATS intelligent traffic management solutions and how we can provide valuable support for you. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and latest innovations to keep you ahead of the ITS curve. 

Meeting details
Mark your calendar for an insightful session on Monday 18th, September 2023. 
The scheduled webinar time will vary depending on which country you are in. See below for the time in your respective location:

Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne Australia: 1:00 PM AEST
Perth, Australia: 11:00 AM AWST
Darwin & Adelaide, Australia: 12:30 PM ACST
Auckland, New Zealand: 3:00 PM NZST 

1. SCATS and Core version

Enhancements delivered in
Preview of what is coming next

We will provide an update on developments in the Core roadmap.

2. SCATS Suite of Operations Applications

Overview of SCATS Analytics, SCATS TMC operation and SCATS Alert bundles
SCATS offers a suite of operational applications known as the SCATS analytics, SCATS TMC operation, and SCATS alert bundles. They are designed to help you understand and manage your smart city efficiently and effectively.

3. SCATS Flexilink Data Generator and Link View applications

- Overview of benefits and features
- Demonstration of applications

The Flexilink data generator is a software application that simplifies the coordination of SCATS sites without centralised control. Link view is an application used to design, analyse, and optimise traffic signal coordination by visualising traffic flow.Click the button below to register
Register Here

Back in June we notified that the P43 committee was intending to look at what updates are required to P43.

We got quite a bit of feedback, and met in July to discuss the issues and potential changes.

These changes have been drafted, and were presented at SNUG.

At the time I asked for feedback on the changes, and so far we have only received feedback from a couple of individuals.

This either means that the rest of the industry is satisfied with the changes, or you've all been too busy to make comment.

The draft revision I presented from at SNUG is now available on the SNUG website, on the 2023 Presentations page.

If you are interested, can you please download the doc, and review the proposed changes?
If you have ideas where clarifications could be made, please email me.

What happens next?
In two weeks time the SNUG P43 committee will review any feedback, and release the updated P43. This will be added to the NZTA website, and linked form the SNUG website.

The annual SNUG workshop and conference in New Plymouth was a great success, with presentations from key industry personnel prompting great discussions and workshop outcomes. The industry-wide representation of delegates from traffic signal engineers, local authorities, traffic systems specialists, contractors, consultants and other practitioners allowed for some great networking and knowledge sharing.

New Plymouth provided a unique location, with the venue and SNUG dinner continuing the quality SNUG is known for.

The presentations are now available online at, on the 'Presentations' tab, for you to review for those extra details you want. Please share the link with any colleagues that you think would be interested in any of the content covered.

Welcome also to the new delegates we had this year (both in person, and virtually). Many of the first-time delegates indicated they wanted to be added to the SNUG email list - If you are in this group, welcome to these emails.

The next annual SNUG workshop will be held in Christchurch, aiming for a date in August 2024. Prepare your manager now as you evaluate your training and conference opportunities for the next year.

As usual, the quality of our annual workshop won't be half what it is without the interesting presentations from you, and the generous support of our sponsors.
Please remember our sponsors next time you need products or services.

From the chair Jeff Greenough, and the rest of the SNUG committee, we look forward to seeing you at one of our next events.

Gold Sponsors -
CSL Infrastructure,
Fusion Networks,
Spunlite Poles,
Traffic Systems Ltd (TSL)

Silver Sponsors -
Fulton Hogan,
Traffic Technologies Ltd,
Downer ITS

Tickets to the SNUG August 2023 Annual Workshop in New Plymouth are now on sale.

Earlybird tickets are available until 7 August. Get in early and don't pay more than you have to!

Like last year, we also have the option of virtual attendance by Microsoft Teams. You need to get a free ticket through the online ticketing system. Your ticket will contain the required information to join the workshop remotely.

To see more details, and to book your tickets, please click here.

Since 2019, we have used Trybooking for our ticketing, which allows us to do multiple bookings at the same time, along with other ticketing options.

The SNUG workshop is a great opportunity to share what you've been doing with the signals community. If you have something interesting to present, please contact Steve Wright or Alex Lumsden to show us all what you've been up to.

The annual SNUG workshop is a great chance to get together with other people who work in the signals industry. This includes contractors, consultants, designers, legislators, and RCA staff.

Credit Card payment is the only method of payment for the SNUG workshop. Please have your credit card handy when you book.

From SNUG Chair Jeff Greenough, and the rest of the SNUG committee, we look forward to seeing you in New Plymouth.

SNUG 2021 Queenstown Presentations

Photos of event

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