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The SNUG annual workshop was held in Tauranga on 23/24 February. We had presentations from key people in the Signals and ITS Industry, including Roads & Maritime Services from Sydney, updates from the various transport operations centres, and relevant messages from our sponsors. We also enjoyed an open discussion session, titled “What’s Your Problem?”.

A number of key messages emerged. Although traffic signals are very bound in regulations, the general industry we are operating in is experiencing a massive growth in technology enabling the potential for much better outcomes for our customers. However, we need to ensure that appropriate planning and product selection occurs to ensure safe and suitable products end up on our roads. And we also had a good reminder that what is good in one part of the country, may not be appropriate in others.

We agreed to host a one-day ‘mini-SNUG’ in Auckland in November this year, followed by a regular two-day SNUG in Hamilton in 2018.

In the meantime, the SNUG committee will work through some of the issues raised in the “What’s Your Problem?” session, and post updates back to this page.

And a final ‘thank you’ to the two main organisers of SNUG this year, Haydn Wardley (Tauranga Transport Operations Centre), and Sam Boone (TDG Auckland).

On behalf of the SNUG committee, thank you all for attending.
- Sean Lewis, SNUG Chair

About SNUG

The object of the Signals NZ User Group (SNUG) is the advancement of the fundamental knowledge of the art, science and practice of design, operation and maintenance of traffic signals.

SNUG is a subgroup of the IPENZ Transportation Group. Membership of SNUG is open to anyone with a membership of the IPENZ Transportation Group. If you wish to join then please email

The affairs of the SNUG are managed by a National Management Committee. They are responsible for the policy and administration of the Group, including:

  • arranging conferences, seminars and symposia
  • developing liaisons with existing organisations with similar or related objectives
  • promotion of technical education by such means as discussion groups, technical papers and assistance to educational authorities
  • assistance with the preparation of standard specifications, contract procedures, codes of practice, etc
  • preparation of public relations material
  • encouragement of relevant research
  • the expression of the views of the Group on matters within the Group's activity and interests

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