SCATS Training Courses Available NOW!

 April 11, 2018

One of the deficiencies we are all aware of in the industry is a lack of training opportunities for SCATS and Signal Professionals.

SNUG are bringing Ray Moriarty over from Australia, and pairing him with Ross Thomson, to provide training for the following sessions -

- SCATS Operator Training (2 days),
- SCATS Engineer Training (3 days),
- SCATS System Performance / Optimisation (2 days).

For more details on the contents of these sessions click the session title.

The training courses are set up for the dates below.

Operator 1Auckland7-8 June
Operator 2Auckland13-14 September
Engineer 1Auckland11-13 June
Engineer 2Christchurch18-20 July
Engineer 3Auckland17-19 September
Performance 1Christchurch23-24 July
Performance 2Auckland23-24 August
Performance 3Auckland27-28 August

This allows multiple session options for finding the date and city that suits you.

To go to the list of sessions for booking, click the big blue button below.

Attendance is strictly limited to 10 attendees per training course

These courses are not cheap to run, and being run at a loss. SNUG is covering the shortfall, thanks to the help and support from our Sponsors over the last 4 SNUG workshops.
This is a shout-out to all these sponsors.
GOLD - Fusion Networks, Spunlite Poles, and AraFlow
Silver - FLIR, TSL & HMI.

If you have previously registered your interest - thank you. Please make the bookings from the button below.
If you haven't previously registered, but wish to attend, please book your spot now from the button below.

If you can offer a venue for some of the training sessions, please contact me on

From me, and the rest of the SNUG committee, have a great day.

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