SNUG 2024 - Christchurch - Save the date

SNUG Workshop Christchurch - REMEMBER TO SAVE THE DATE

Exhibition & Networking - September 4
SNUG Workshop 2024 – September 5 & 6
Following on from the hugely successful SNUG held last year in New Plymouth, the SNUG Committee are pleased to announce advance notification of the 2024 SNUG Workshop. The SNUG Committee has elected to hold the event in Christchurch, over two days on the 5th and 6th of September, with an industry exhibition and technical tour in the afternoon of the 4th.
More details of the exhibition, and how to become an exhibitor, will be announced over the next few months.
SNUG is a subgroup of the Engineering NZ Transportation Group with the objective of "bringing about the advancement of the fundamental knowledge of the art, science and practice of design, operation and maintenance of traffic signals".
The field of Traffic Signals and Traffic System Control is moving forward rapidly and the SNUG Workshop is an opportunity for traffic signal engineers, local authorities, traffic systems specialists, contractors, consultants and other practitioners to discuss current developments in Traffic Signals and Traffic System Control.
On that note, if you have been involved in anything that you believe will be of interest to the signals community, please consider doing a presentation at the workshop. A call for papers will be made shortly, or you can email us directly 
Prepare your manager by getting this years SNUG into your Performance Review or Training Plans now!
Look out for further updates on the workshop details, call for papers, programme and registration shortly. 
From the chair Jeff Greenough, and the rest of the SNUG committee, we look forward to seeing you at the workshop in Christchurch in September.

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